Growing up, I lived in the city all my life, and went to a public school. This was a blessing, because it allowed me to be around and get to know people of different cultures and ethnicities. It also helped me realize that all women are beautiful, including and especially black women. This is not to take credit from other womens beauty, but there are some great qualities that black women possess.

Lets start with the outer beauty, since its the first thing men notice about a woman, and draws them in like a magnet.

The eyes. Black women have these big, beautiful eyes that grab your attention and pull you in, like a fishing reel. Their eyes sparkle like stars. A lot of women will spend hours applying eyeliner and shadow to make their eyes look larger and more attractive in order to grab mens attention. Black women dont have to go through all this trouble.

Now lets talk about the lips. Black women have these nice, full, sexy lips that women from many other cultures not only envy, but go through all the trouble to duplicate the same look by applying lip liner and lipstick, hoping they can achieve the same effect. Black women dont have to worry about having full, plump, kissable lips. Lets not forget the soft, glowing skin that black women have, either. While many women are out on the beach, going to tanning salons and applying spray-on tans with the hope of obtaining sun-kissed, glowing skin, black women, on the other hand, already naturally possess this.

And theres no way any man cannot notice the curvy, firm bodies that black women naturally have either. A lot of women complain that they cant shape up their hips, thighs, and lift their butts. Black women already possess these sexy, attractive qualities…

I am praising black women, because I truly do find them attractive and because they have a special sexual magnetism and they ooze a particular kind of sensuality, that is extremely down to earth, warm and charming.